Social Media Marketing

Online communities that enable online relationships and conversations form the basis of today’s social media environment.

At any moment in time, your customers are engaged in any number of online conversations:

  • Reconnecting with friends on Facebook
  • Building professional relationships on LinkedIn
  • Posting on Twitter
  • Reviewing a restaurant, nightspot or hotel on a travel site

They probably subscribe to blogs that speak to their hobbies, work, or specific aspects of their life.  Being real in social media is important and that is why businesses marketing in this arena must be authentic with their communication.

Social Media Management

Oversight of social media marketing involves developing the methods for creating conversations as well as monitoring and evolving them. At Curve Trends, we provide the strategic direction to use social media as a mechanism for building and/or evolving your online presence. Our close attention to the details will ensure your social media initiatives support your overall digital marketing strategy.

Paid Social Media

Similar to Paid Search Marketing or Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC) on search engine result pages, Paid Social Media is used to advertise on social media sites. Social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to bid on their audience demographics (gender, age, education, industry, job function, etc.) Your advertisement shows up on the social media sites and allows you to be seen by potentially very large targeted audiences for a minimal price.

Curve Trends develops paid social media programs through:

Audience definition and campaign planning

  • Define target demographics
  • Establish bid budget & goals
  • Develop and test creative ad concepts


  • Track
  • Analyze
  • Optimize

Custom Facebook tabs

Facebook marketing has taken off and keeping up with all the ways a business can turn visitors into fans and fans into customers can be a challenge. For many businesses, connecting with a first time Facebook visitor requires a Facebook page make over.

Curve Trends stays up to date on evolving Facebook technologies like custom tabs. We can add custom tabs to your Facebook page and make your pages more interesting to visitors. Your Facebook page can be interactive and serve up content specific to a visitor’s demographics. Let us show you how to monetize your social media marketing efforts.

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