Paid Search (SEM)

At Curve Trends Marketing we implement our decade long experience in strategic digital marketing to plan and execute successful paid search campaigns for our clients.  We work closely to determine the specific business goals and design a customized paid search program that aligns with the budget and brand position.

Just like many things, there is an art and science to PPC marketing. Doing it well requires attention to detail, researching what the audience is searching on and bidding on the most relevant terms.

Maintaining an effective PPC marketing is as important as initiating it.  With a PPC campaign it’s possible to see what is happening in real time and one can tweak their approach accordingly.

Pay Per Click distinguishes itself from other marketing initiatives in being highly measurable and flexible. When combined with SEO initiatives, it’s extremely effective in enhancing overall page ranking and achieving customer engagement.

Advantages of Paid Search

  • Fast results – Can take less than an hour sometimes!
  • Measurable return on investments (ROI)
  • Flexibility to change ad creative at all points
  • Reaches 90% of the search market
  • Relevant ad serves – Only when someone is searching for your product
  • Location based targeting option
  • Retargeting option – Remarket relevant ads to audience who don’t convert

Key Elements of the our Paid Search Service

  • Keyword List Generation
  • Advertising Copywriting
  • Campaign Strategy and Placement
  • Bid and Budget Management
  • Placement Pilot
  • Customized Landing Page
  • Tracking and Reporting
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