Case Study: Equipe Sport

The Challenge

Equipe Sport, a traditional brick-and-mortar ski and outdoor gear retailer, wanted to sell online but faced many challenges as they tried to take advantage of digital channels.  Some of their unique challenges included a lack of in-house expertise in ecommerce and digital marketing, a bland web presence, and a lack of inventory online.   Additionally, the ski and outdoor gear market segment is crowded and large, established players have carved out significant market share.

Paid search, Site Optimization, Remarketing, Google Shopping and Affiliate Marketing drive digital successes for an otherwise traditional brick and mortar ski & outdoor gear retailer.

The Discovery

Equipe Sport turned to Curve Trends to help make digital a viable sales channel, knowing that digital offered almost limitless opportunity but that they needed a partner with a full quiver of digital marketing tools and tactics to help them succeed.  When Equipe started working with Curve Trends, online sales were not a significant contributor to their bottom line.  The website only had a small amount of inventory and the visuals were not on a par with other sites in their industry segment.

The Actions

Curve Trends has worked with Equipe Sports on every aspect of their online business.

A first step was to relaunch Equipe’s custom ecommerce platform, and then to implement a more exciting and dynamic site design – bringing the web presence more in line with customer expectations in the outdoor gear segment.

Search engine optimization efforts focused on highlighting brands, the breadth of products offered on the site, and Equipe’s aggressive pricing.

Comprehensive digital marketing efforts for Equipe Sport include paid search, remarketing, Google Shopping, and affiliate marketing.

The Results

Equipe Sports has undergone a dramatic transformation:  Digital is now a significant channel, contributing directly to the bottom line.  The website’s look and feel speaks to customers in their market segment.  The breadth of inventory online has increased dramatically, and the combination of paid search, remarketing, Google Shopping, and affiliate marketing campaigns deliver consistent, predictable results with strong ROI.