Case Study: Empire Vacations

The Challenge

Empire Vacations operates in a very crowded and competitive travel niche, focusing on mini-tours of America’s leading tourist destinations. Empire’s existing off-line marketing efforts were producing reduced returns.  Marketing metrics were difficult to capture, new marketing approaches were needed to grow sales, increase year round visibility and attract visitors to new tour package offerings.

The Discovery

Empire needed to adopt the travel industry’s embrace of digital marketing, specifically:

  • Revamp the existing web site into an effective e-commerce platform.
  • Use Analytics data to make faster, more informed marketing decisions to impact the bottom-line.
  • Take advantage of social media to engage with potential and existing clients.

The Actions

Curve Trends planned and implemented a highly integrated, holistic digital marketing campaign for Empire, that included web site optimization, paid search and a social media strategy.

  • A comprehensive web site audit conducted in conjunction with paid search advertising and social media marketing, helped with relevant landing page design, product re-orientation, and conversion driven site design.
  • Throughout the campaign, Curve Trends focused to improve Return On Ad Spend (ROAS), retargeting prospects through display ads based on behavioral data, to increase relevance, bringing back 95% of them to complete conversion.
  • The ability to instantly manage, monitor and report on performance data allowed the campaign to promptly identify channels & strategies that worked to drive increased conversions.

The Results

  • An integrated digital marketing approach has made a dramatic contribution to Empire’s bottom line. The web site is now the primary sales platform where the majority of tours are booked online.
  • In a 12 months period, Empire’s Facebook page grown to have over 7,000  fans, and the social media channel makes a real and quantifiable contribution to sales efforts.
  • An audience profile has been identified and established, using behavioral targeting, to further deploy relevant messaging and drive more targeted campaigns, with reduced cost.
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