Case Study: Dakin Farm

The Challenge

Dakin Farm, What Vermont Tastes Like, sells quality Vermont food products nationwide. A long-established family owned direct marketing business, Dakin also was an early adopter of ecommerce, and built a pioneering website before selling online became a widely adopted business practice.

Even with the relatively lengthy experience with online sales, Dakin historically relied on print catalogs to drive sales, even as print and mailing costs increased and campaign results plateaued or even declined.

Paid search, Remarketing and Google Shopping campaigns coupled with targeted Feed Management delivered record results.

The Discovery

Dakin Farm, even as a traditional catalog mailer, knew that digital marketing offered a host of potential advantages: flexibility, targeting, control, responsiveness and attribution.

Rather than trying to learn all the ins and outs of the digital medium, Dakin looked to build a relationship with a trusted partner to help drive sales, especially during their critical busy season and in light of their collaboration with Cabot Creamery to provide all direct to consumer sales and shipments of Cabot.

The Actions

Curve Trends, working with the team at Dakin Farm, implemented paid search, remarketing, and Google Shopping campaigns. Close campaign monitoring along with effective Feed Management and Optimization during the compressed selling period ensured that campaigns were fully optimized to take advantage of all opportunities.

The Results

Dakin has experienced record sales from the digital channel – even to the point where all inventory on hand has been sold.  The digital channel, with its unique advantages, is an increasingly contributing component of Dakin’s bottom line.